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A Soul To Keep

Reap what you sow. That's been Angelica Wright's motto since joining the Department of Soul Acquisitions as a Reaper. It's served her well over the years, a reminder the mortals who end up in her case files sealed their fate when they signed their deal with the Devil. Reapers have one job - collecting souls - and Angelica is good at her job.
First in an all new series 'Ink It Over is
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Tattoo artist by day and warding witch by night, Adeline uses magical inks, a tattoo machine, and the help of her best friend Lars to permanently imbue spells of protection onto her clients. Thanks to the Magistrate's greed and failure to protect its citizens, her services were in high demand.
"With delicious characters and a story that kept me turning the pages, I can't recommend Rachel Rawlings enough. She will have you either laughing or falling in love in no time. Probably both!"
--NY Times Bestselling Author Darynda Jones